~ ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO 2019 // 漂流 Drift ~

This time, Der-Horng Art Gallery will attend to the AiPHT in Tokyo, presenting the artworks of four Taiwanese artists Cheng-Yen LIN, Shu-Kai LIN, Yen-Ting LIAO, Bing-Yen HSIEH, and one Japanese artist Daisuke TAJIMA. The exhibiting artists use different forms and consciousness drifting in the artworks. Shu-Kai LIN drew several floating islands in the artworks to express the balcony landscapes are unset and movable. Yen-Ting LIAO focuses on the issue of mentality, expressing the self-consciousness lost by the outside elements. Bing-Yan HSIEH’s ceremics artworks convey content and appearance of people would go by the time. The themes of Cheng-Yen LIN’s artworks overlapped to represent the fluidity between visual image and impression. Daisuke TAJIMA observes and walks around in the cities, imaging the city landscape from his own mind. The viewers can also drift in the imagine cities from the artworks of Daisuke TAJIMA.

■ 預展日期Preview:2019.3.8(Fri)2:00 - 9:00 pm * Invitee and Press only
■ 公眾展日期Open to the Public:2019.3.9 (Sat) 12:00 ‒ 9:00pm , 2019.3.10 (Sun) 12:00 ‒ 7:00pm * 閉展前一小時停止入場 Admission closes 1hour prior to the fair closing.
■ 展覽地點:Park Hotel Tokyo 26th, 27th Floor (2 Floors) Shiodome Media Tower, 1-7-1 Higashi Shimbashi, Minato-ku 105-7227 Tokyo (25th Floor, the reception)
■ 展房Room:Room #2702
■ 展出藝術家:田島大介Daisuke TAJIMA、林政彥Cheng-Yen LIN、林書楷Shu-Kai LIN、廖彥婷Yen-Ting LIAO、謝秉諺Bing-Yen HSIEH