News Art Taipei 2018

One of the most important annual Art Fair in Asia will be held on next week. Art Taipei 2018 used Indefinite Museum to be the annual topic which emphasizes the revealing a new possibility for inventiveness and the new conceptual exhibition curation. This main topic not only provides more field of the creation for the artists but offers more perspectives for the viewers. 

This time Der-Horng Art Gallery will program three main areas including ‘Photography Master’, ‘Young Art Force’, and ‘Graffiti Art.’ Using the multiple media to fit in the annual topic this year. Welcome to join us!

This year, Der-Hrong Art Gallery’s represented artist Shu-Kai LIN was invited to attend the Made in Taiwan: Taiwan Young Artists program for the past ten years. The program will review the artists who are the great model of cooperation with the galleries.

Eikoh Hosoe is the post-war Japanese photography pioneer, his works portrayed the Buton dancers, depict the contrast between black and white and the body beauty of men and women. His distinct and extraordinary style made his work highly recognizable.

Toshio Shibata who captures landscape used to study and work abroad. His works focus on those unnatural human-made constructers placing in the nature. The tranquil photographic style presenting the conflicts of nature and human creations, opening a new chapter of landscape photography.

Takahiko Suzuki who lives in Taiwan for many years, making a one-of-a-kind 2.5D photography. Through the process of digital editing, resulting a 3D photography sculpture, playing with the virtuality and reality between 2D and 3D, and to examine the idea of Globalization.

Yung-Chieh Wu sensed the unpredictability of life, transfigure it into a monster-like goldfish image. She also compare the gluttonous goldfish with modern people who are fed with information non-stop, but still swallowed everything. The artist insists on making multiple layers of underpainting on the canvases under a specific weather condition, in order to create a special organic texture. Wu uses dreamy colors to make the light and dark side of her drawings, it is the reflection of contemporary male and female’s inner world.

Artist Kuo-Wei LIN make wood-base works combine with other multiple media. The theme concerns environment and humanity. By observing the destruction to environment in the name of development, he wishes the viewers to think about how to improve and take care of the the nature being slowly exploited.

Graffiti Art is full of street trend and pop-culture elements. Its energetic artistic approach arouses big waves to the contemporary art world. This arising new trend is a morning star we should not miss out.

Starting in the 90s, French female artist Miss Van starting to make graffiti art on the streets. Her works contains a strong feminine style, shocking the street art world which is led by male at that time, which inspired many other female street artist. The female image Miss Van created could be her own transformation, but it also can be an imagined character, whom the viewers can relate themselves to.

《Art Taipei 2018 台北國際藝術博覽會》

展期Date: 2018.10.26-2018.10.29

預展Preview: 2018.10.25

地點Venue: 台北世界貿易中心-展演一館(台北市信義區信義路五段五號)

展位Booth: R04


吳詠潔Yung-Chieh WU、林國瑋Kuo-Wei LIN、田島大介Daisuke TAJIMA、柴田敏雄 TOSHIO SHIBATA、細江英公Eikoh HOSOE、鈴木貴彥 Takahiko SUZUKI、Miss Van、Mr. Brainwash、Shepard Fairey