Lewis Gesner-Music Manual; a Novel


For a long time I have been interested in the idea of creating an imaginary utopia from what I think its creative components might be. Sometimes, this has taken the form of writing in a symbolic language, sometimes object making, and other times, notation for music. I am sometimes at a loss of what to call such work; experimental, abstract, or conceptual? I have recently come to terms with the fact that its definition will ultimately lie in how it will be defined in the mundane world in which we exist. If it has three dimensions, it is sculpture. If it is flat, it is drawing or painting. If it is related to sound, it is music. If it is written to be performed, or represents a performance, it is a score. If it is between these, or a combination of them, it should be categorized as the aspect that is most dominant or significant. To that end, a collected exhibition of objects, constructions, drawings and notations intended to represent imagined utopian music should be referred to as a music manual. Secondarily, as the representation is of something that does not exist, it might be referred to as fiction. As this fiction would be in a relatively long form, I would further define it as a novel. This leaves us with a formal exhibition title, made up of two conventional classifications, as a somewhat modified category or genre; Music Manual; a Novel –