2019 Art Central // 「城市意象 Urban Imagery」
Exhibition Date:2019-03-27 ~2019-03-31
Opening Reception:2019-03-26
Address:9 Lung Wo Road, Central, Hong Kong

Busy March! Der-Horng Art Gallery is glad to announce that we will attend Art Central in Harbourfront Event Space in Hong Kong. This year, our exhibition concept is urban imagery, presenting the imagination of the cites with four artists' artworks. 

The exhibited artists presented the feeling of the inherent and external between urban and citizens. Tzu-Jui HUANG uses the culture, politics, and social issues to become the theme in a humorous and sarcastic way. Exploring the issues and making viewers having the new thinking of the theme. I-Sheng KAO uses the color ink artworks to portray detailed flowers and characters. Presenting the environments' caring of modern people, the emotional state, and pointing out every emotion that urban people is facing. Daisuke TAJIMA wanders in the cites, prospecting every detail and structures of the cites. The ink pen illustrates artworks, bringing the virtual urban landscape out from the artist's imagination as well. In the artworks, viewers not only can feel the attentive inkwork, but also strong emotion and visual tension. Shun-Fa YANG will exhibit <The Submerged Beauty of Formosa> series. This series has recorded for a long time about the environment's issues of the coastal side in Taiwan. Using the elegant color tone and the soft feeling which is like ink-presenting, to lighten the recorded environment problems. In his works, the artist tried to smoothen and isolate every issue in each piece, evoke the viewers to read the stories behind them. 

Every city has unique and individual features, citizens through life experiences, recording, and growing with the city. Presenting four exhibited artists' work to portray the statement of urban imagery and let viewers look back the past, knowing the present, and extend the future of the urban as well. 

▂ VIP Preview:2019.03.26 (Tue) 2pm-5pm

▂ First Night:2019.03.26 (Tue) 5pm-9pm

▂ General Opening Hours:2019.03.27 (Wed) 11am-5pm / 2019.03.28 (Thu) 12pm-9pm / 2019.03.29 (Fri) 12pm-9pm / 2019.03.30 (Sat) 11am-7pm / 2019.03.31 (Sun) 11am-5pm

▂ Venue:Central Harbourfront Event Space (9 Lung Wo Road, Central, Hong Kong)

▂ Booth:F12

▂ Artists:Tzu-Jui HUANG、I-Sheng KAO、Daisuke TAJIMA、Shun-Fa YANG

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