One Art Taipei 2019
Exhibition Date:2019-01-19 ~2019-01-21
Opening Reception:2019-01-19
Address:Room1414/The Sherwood Taipei/No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng East Road,Songshan Dist., Taipei Taiwan

The first One Art Taipei aims to explain art, culture, technology, classic and future. Also, the fair divided into three areas: Unlimited, Discovery and Media art, providing the viewer different appearance of art.

This time, Der-Horng Art Gallery will attend One Art Taipei 2019. The theme of exhibiting artists related to the environment which goes deep into the inside to present the self-feeling. The theme also extends to the physical alteration between human being and environment. We attempt to point out the relation and let the viewers have different ways to think about. In addition, the room is divided into three areas which are 'Young Art Force', 'Photography Eye' and '21 Contemporary Art', providing the diversified ways to reflect on the artworks. Der-Horng Art Gallery welcome all of you to join us to the first and stunning One Art Taipei 2019!

Date:2019.01.19(Sat)- 21(Mon) 12:00-20:00
Preview:2019.01.18 (Fri)  Collector Preview 13:00-15:00/ VIP Preview  15:00-20:00
Artist:吳詠潔 Yung-Chieh WU、林國瑋 Kuo-Wei LIN、楊順發 Shun-Fa YANG、蕭筑方 Chu-Fang HSIAO、柴田敏雄 Toshio SHIBATA、Christo、Julian Opie 

吳詠潔 Yung-Chieh WU

Born in Kaohsiung in 1979, Yung-chieh WU currently lives and works in Taipei. She graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at the National Taiwan Normal University, before receiving her Master’s degree from the Postgraduate Institute of Plastic Arts in Tainan National University of the Arts. Her artwork was selected for the 2011 Exhibition of the Newly Emerging Artists in Taiwan-2D Creation Series, the S-AN Art Creativity Sponsored Award of S-AN Foundation, and the Taipei Arts Award. WU’s creations feature visual elements that are both refreshing and sweet, yet often come with a sense of sadness, which expresses both the exploration of herself, and also reveals the characteristic bitterness which marks her generation. The fairytale-like elements give her work a magical aspect, narrating essentially sad stories in the guise of fairytales, composed of real and imaginary fragments.

林國瑋 Kuo-Wei LIN

Artist Kuo-Wei LIN make wood-base works combine with other multiple media. The theme concerns environment and humanity. By observing the destruction to environment in the name of development, he wishes the viewers to think about how to improve and take care of the the nature being slowly exploited.

蕭筑方 Chu-Fang HSIAO

The works of Chu-Fang HSIAO through the feelings from life, within the simple lines and colorful painting. The viewers can find HISAO mocking the helpless in life from her interesting and humorous artworks.

柴田敏雄 Toshio SHIBATA

Toshio SHIBATA who captures landscape used to study and work abroad. His works focus on those unnatural human-made constructures placing in the nature. The tranquil photographic style presenting the conflicts of nature and human creations, opening a new chapter of landscape photography.

楊順發 Shun-Fa YANG

Shun-Fa YANG born in Shanhua, Tainan. Currently work in China Steel Corporation. The theme of early artworks <Rebuilding the Kingdom> and <Rampant Beasts> series have an impressive style, using characters and stories to construct situations and reveal the true social appearance. While the recent series such as <Home and Rootless> and <The Submerged Beauty of Formosa>, YANG included the aim of local emotion in the theme of those series.  <The Submerged Beauty of Formosa> series presents the graceful colour tone to talk about the environmental issues of human damage. He wishes the viewers to think about how to get along with the environment in Taiwan.


Christo is famous on  environmental works of art. Since the late 1950s, Christo began packaging objects. The dimension of objects range from books to Statue of Liberty and Der Deutsche Reichstag. Christo usually created the environmental work projects with Jeanne-Claude (1935-2009), Christo’s wife. They used Earth to become the element of their massive environmental work projects. The works they made emphasize the relationship between the nature and human being.

Julian Opie

Julian Opie is one of famous British artist, who uses simple lines to depict all kinds of human postures such like walking commuters, a look-back face and turning-head neck. Even though the human figures which Julian Opie made don't have any facial expressions and extremely simplify all kinds of symbol of them. But you can know everything the figures doing with the simple and clear act in Julian Opie's work. Julian Opie's artworks record from daily and have his unique observation to life, presenting vitality in our daily life.

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