KIAF 2018 Art Seoul
Exhibition Date:2018-10-04 ~2018-10-07
Address:COEX HALL A&B, Seoul

The 17th Korean International Art Fair (KIAF) will be held this year and it is one of the iconic art fairs in Asia. Every year, KIAF gathered top galleries from all of the world with the selected artworks. This year, KIAF will take place on 4th to 7th October at COEX 1F Hall A&B in Seoul.

This time, Der-Horng Art Gallery will present the artworks from four different artists: Tzu-Jui HUANG, I-Sheng KAO, Takahiko SUZUKI, and Eikoh HOSOE. They use different materials concerning the issues, in the hope to trigger the awareness for viewers to reflect or criticize their own context, it provides a multiple and various perspective to KIAF.

Tzu-Jui HUANG uses mixed media and ink to present social development, issues of society contradictions and politics. Using colors and montage skills to make the artworks having a sense of sarcastic humor.


I-Sheng KAO’s Contemporary color ink artworks portray detailed flowers and characters. In those peaceful artworks, Kao uses the expression, body and other objects to reflect the oppressed feelings in life and tries to stir the viewer’s uneasiness.


The themes of Eikoh HOSOE’s photography discuss layers of human bodies and issues of life and death. Strong and unique style makes the artworks highly recognizable. Eikoh HOSOE is the master of photography in Japan as well.


The delicate <GLOBAL STORE PROJECT> series of Takahiko SUZUKI used 2.5D photography which structured by elements of two-dimension in the three-dimensional space of masses to explore the perspective between globalization and localization.


《KIAF 2018 Art Seoul》


Venue:COEX 1F Hall A&B, Seoul


Artist:Tzu-Jui HUANG、I-Sheng KAO、Takahiko SUZUKI、Eikoh HOSOE

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