Art Central HK 2018
Exhibition Date:2018-03-27 ~2018-04-01
Opening Reception:2018-03-26
Address:Central Harbourfront Event Space, 9 Lung Wo Road, Central, Hong Kong

What would you do, when the city comes at you snarling?

The concept of architecture and city has been evolving nowadays. Its spatial and geographical characteristic is full of a sense of uncertainty. The individual’s identification has become relatively faintly discernible, it triggers the examination of one’s existence. Through the figurative and abstract presentation of the artists, standing on the turbulent continent of the city, whether it is the stress caused by being in the society, the uneasiness by the urban renewal progress, or catching the unique character under globalization from the image of city unification. Architecture is no longer just the carrier of human activities, it is the reflection of its habitant. To explore their artworks from the aspect of architecture and urban design, they are romantic mind map sketches, but they are also the most real epiphanies and insights from living in the city.

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