Extra city + Group Exhibition of Cities Dialogue

Exhibition Date:2019-08-10 ~2019-08-31
Opening Reception:2019-08-10
Address:Der-Horng Art Gallery No,1 Chung-shan Rd., West Central District, Tainan City 70043, TAIWAN

/ Der-Horng Art Gallery德鴻畫廊 /
#開幕 #Opening | 2019.08.10 (Sat) 14:30
#展期 #Duration | 2019.08.10 (Sat.) – 08/31 (Sat.)

#藝術家 #Artists
Daisuke TAJIMA 田島大介
Shu-Kai LIN 林書楷
Teng-Shiang CHUANG 莊騰翔
Takahiko SUZUKI 鈴木貴彥
Shin-Yu LIAO廖心瑜

"Extra City+ : Group Exhibition of Cities Dialogue", Art Influence, Der-Horng Art Gallery

“Cities” has always been in the scene of different art creation. Its life-styles, locations, landscapes, time or communities contained various culture appearances. Through the expression of art-forms, we can have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the city itself, not just as the scenery or action of the artworks.
The exhibition theme is extended from “City” as the start point. Five artists Daisuke TAJIMA, Shu-Kai LIN, Teng-Shiang CHUANG, Takahiko SUZUKI, and Shin-Yu LIAO, observed themselves, interpreting and seeking a more realistic and appropriate way to respond to the city in their cart. The visible city is no longer a single perspective, but a collection of visual summary of all the possible viewing angles from the above artists. Therefore, the sign “+” after “City” represents the meaning of this kind of visual summary.

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